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Monday, July 3, 2017

Bloodlust - At The Devils Left Hand

Gnarly promo text, rough around the edges guitar tone, a twisted logo and a spot on one of the undergrounds sickest labels thoroughly endeared me to Bloodlust before I was even through the first song. At The Devils Left Hand is death thrash with more than a little black metal, making for a fun listen that smashes your face in with riff after riff. Bloodlust understand the ethos of the genre and come at you at a million miles an hour with vicious riffs that you simply can't listen to once or twice, but rather come back too again and again.

I think one of the things that really gets me about At The Devils Left Hand is the sheer swagger that the band bring to the table. Reminsicent of acts like Destroyer 666 these guys understand that we want to buy into a fantasy. Old school worshipping extreme metal is often a hard thing to pull off and it comes off as freqently muddled and silly. Fortunately loodlust understand why these tropes became tropes in the first place and pushes them to their logical etreme in order to make for a truly potent and exciting release. Just dive into the circle pitting majesty of a track like Deadly Force and tell me you don't want to smash your enemies - it's impossible not too!

Playing it fast and loose, Bloodlust are unleashing something that feels strangely natural on this record. The blurted vocals and unbridled paeans to the devil are delicious. They remind us that this music is unique and powerful, that we can't separate ourselves from this demonic music and that extreme metal will always have a place in this world. A band who encapsulate the ideologies that so many of us claim to espouse, Bloodlust have captured my imagination and have me craving for more. Lust for Bloodlust? I think so.

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