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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Necrot - Blood Offerings

Occasionally, in fact very rarely a record comes out that sot of passes under my radar for some reason and I don't get a chance to review it. Then the buzz gets sufficiently high that I feel a need to go back and give it a write up just so I can understand it. Such is the case with the latest from Necrot. This new record Blood Offerings an album which came out nearly a month ago now is some of the ball breakingest, most evil and most delicious death metal that I have heard in a minute. In a year dominated by the genre, Blood Offerings stands out.

Chock to the brim with exciting and manic riffs Necrot careen forward with a devastating bottom end and twisted growls. The raw tension leaking out of every note here is delicious, the drive behind a track like Rather Be Dead is almost intimidating in its intensity. Toss in a healthy dose of swagger, a few groovy riffs and a chunky stomp or too and it rapidly evolves into something more grandiose. You can lock into the rhythm here and find yourself lost in a bone breaking crush that you want to come back to again and again. It's fascinating to hear bands like Necrot that fuse old and new so seamlessly, inviting you deeper into the crypt.

Simply put - the songwriting on Blood Offerings is absolutely perfect. While yes you can hear where different parts cherry picked their influences it just makes for a record that is just as nostalgic as it is forward thinking. In a world where death metal is making a much needed resurgence, Necrot encapsulate what the genre can be without ever becoming overtly frenetic or even over the top. Instead Necrot understand the core concepts of the genre we have sworn allegiance too and won't let us fucking forget it.

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