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Monday, July 24, 2017

Divinity Compromised - Terminal

Divinity Compromised are the sort of prog metal band that those of us who like fusions of esoteric prog elements with grittier groove metal riffs are going to have a hard time keeping away from. There is a very real majesty to Terminal the bands latest offering. It's a prog metal record that has no problem informing piano laden arrangements with Pantera-esque riffs. Terminal can't help but to charm because of its unique ability to blend styles and couch them in a grandiose and ethereal musical context.

The fact of the matter is that as much as Divinity Compromised might play to the tropes of the genre they always execute, and they know it. The touches of old school heavy metal that interact seamlessly with the inherent drama of progressive music are especially exciting and really pushes the bands to new heights. One only need to listen to a track like The Fall Of Istoria to get a sense for the intense bombast that defines Terminal. On top of that, this is an album that never gets to heady which is always a plus. Rather than drowning you in oppressive compositions, Terminal gives you a chance to breather with the music, encouraging multiple listens and the gradual realization of the magnitude of this travail.

When it comes down to it, it's strangely reassuring to listen to prog metal that isn't totally lost up its own ass. Instead Divinity Compromised happily wear their influences on their collective sleeve, massive solos and hooky riffs propagating across undulating waves of sound. This is the sort of prog record the world needs, it's not boring and it understands why people listen to heavy metal in the first place. If you can't dive into the potency of Terminal then you might find yourself totally lost on the prog genre.

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