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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Muert - Ye Canariae Abezan

There is an endless appeal to me about wonderfully dark and fucked up black metal. I'm not entirely sure why it is but it's just something that I can't escape. Such is the magic of the underground and this is what I think labels like Hammerheart try to push for us. Muert have come up triumphantly once more with yet another addition to the grand cannon that is this bands work. Ye Canariae Abezan is the sort of crazed black metal that speaks to the spirit of the genre and drives us to delve into the musics more frightening sides.

In a world that focuses on the beautiful and more transcendent meditative sides of black metal it's nice to have something that's so in your face. The demented blasphemies of Muert blast forward one incredible burst at a time, tearing you limb from limb and reminding you of the soul rending madness that these artists have been able to tap into. Ye Canariae Abezan is the sound of a band satisfied, reaching into the darkest corners of the genre and pulling up wonderfully demented new twists and turns to charm the listener. Sure this record is alienating and oftentimes evil, but if you're listening to a record with cover art like this one you know what you're going to get.

The reason that black metal has stayed vital for all of these years has been its ability to, no matter what, say 'fuck you' and that's exactly what this record does. Ye Canariae Abazen touches on the spiritual power of black metal but it does so in a very primal sense. The stripped back madness of the demons within is almost psychologically terrifying and it makes for an addictive listen. Muert have only been on an upward climb for the last five years and to deny their majesty is to deny the genre itself.

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