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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ereb Altor - Ulfven

Ereb Altor have evolved in recent years from viking metal latecomers to masters of the scene, returning the music to its roots with powerful and deeply emotional lyrics. They are a band who invite you to dig in, to explore the music and to pick apart the sonic devastation found within. This isn't a band to be trifled with, but rather one who revel in the unholy murk of the genre, reflecting back on anciet hymns and traditions in order to create something greater and in many ways transcendent.

The thing that has always impressed me with Ereb Altor is the sheer skill of their songwriting. These are tracks that have a potent, Bathory-like depth to them which allows you to really lose yourself in the music. Ulfven is without a doubt Ereb Altor most articulate release yet, and the soaring vocals, devastating guitars and crippling rhythms prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. In a world where we all struggle to separate ourselves into the ethereal realities that this music foists upon us, Ereb Altor make the journey surprisingly easy. Their sound is so unique and well executed on Ulfven that you can't help but to find yourself totally enamored.

There is a sort of magic that is invoked when a band is this comitted to their music and create something that is this intense. Ereb Altor have proved here that they are among the great metal artists of our time. This is an album that is perfectly produced and brilliantly written. It has infinite replay value and the lush soundscapes invite you to get lost in the majesty that they have conjured. Culturally exciting and self aware, Ereb Altor will take you on a journey across the forest and the fjords.

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