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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Arallu - Six

There's been an surprising amount of Middle Eastern oriented metal coming out in recent years. In some ways it makes sense due to the tensions endemic to the region, but it's also a little bit surprising anytime a new breed of folk metal starts to claw its way to the top. Arallu are Israel's latest contribution to the game and their new record Six hints at all that this music could be. There is a certain intensity here driven by the power of the desert and the depth of the culture making for some fascinating listening.

Throughout this record you feel the influence of other Middle Eastern folk metal bands, perhaps most notably Orphaned Land. The bands politically oriented lyrics, oftentimes focusing on the religious conflict in the Middle East is aimed at finding a peaceful future, but the music seems largely driven by folks frustration. It's got to be insane to be a band like Arallu, you are in a place where every day can be a struggle just because of which side of town you were born on. The rage found within the tracks is inherently fascinating because of this. It makes up for the fact that the production and songwriting isn't as good as it could be and instead makes me curious for the future of the band.

The groups execution is frequently solid you just periodically get the impression they don't have the resources needed to really achieve their vision. That being said there is something completely entrancing about a song like Adonay, one of the strongest on the record, which seamlessly fuses ancient music from the region with more modern ideas. It reminds me, in some ways, of their peers in Acyl. It's going to be fun to watch Arallu grow, and they already have come so far, Six is a major milestone for the band and the evolution will only be bolder.

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