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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Esoctrilihum - Mystic Echo From A Funeral Dimension

Man, I, Voidhanger is just the best, and this weird synthy and destructive new record from Esoctrilihum only goes to prove that. Titled Mystic Echo From A Funeral Dimension project mastermind Asthagul is clearly not into the whole brevity thing. A brilliantly composed release that pushes the boundaries of the genre whilst simultaneously paying a touching homage to those who pioneered it, this is the sort of record you can really think your teeth into. As eerie as it is cutting, Esoctrilihum gets to the spirit of what I love about this music.

I think part of what I love about Mystic Echo From A Funeral Dimension is the way in which it functions as a sort of pastiche of the genre. As much as Asthagul clearly loves his Emperor records there are also tracks that hint at dungeon synth and others which have more of an old school mentality behind them. The soaring soundscapes crafted within these songs are monumental creations, oftentimes leaping out of you and forcing you to confront some truly insane realities. Esoctrilihum manages to fascinate time and time again with its sonic dalliances, ever expanding all that the genre can be without ever forcing you to do a double take.

Mysyic Echo From A Funeral Dimension is a monumental effort, and as is often the case with travails of this scope, it doesn't always hit the mark. As much as I love the ideas I do certainly feel that the execution is sometimes a little bit off. Of course if it was all on all the time that would be just confusing since this is Asthaguls debut release under this name. Still I have incredible hope in the vast vision of this project and think it's the sort of thing that could become truly iconic, French black metal to guide us into the dark.

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