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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Impure Wilhelmina - Radiation

Imagine if Warning were a post hardcore band. That's essentially what Impure Wilhelmina do with their minor key magic on Radiation. There are few records these days that capture the same breadth as Radiation, this is a release that understands the scope that you need to have when writing powerful music and the gorgeous production only serves to make the listening process fascinating and delectable. With big choruses and stunning melodies Impure Wilhelmina can't help but to entrance the listener.

There is a certain breadth to the sound you hear from a band like this one, especially in their willingness to push boundaries and keep growing the possibilities within their music. These tracks are all delicately and exquisitely composed. The amount in which you can sink your teeth into these songs is stunning. As much as this record might hit a lot of the post hardcore tropes that are fairly common within the genre, the band still manages to easily sound like something that would fit perfectly at Roadburn. It speaks to the power of Season Of Mist, that they can put together something so different and yet so in touch with their vision.

What it comes down to with Radiation is the songwriting. Hinting at prog, black metal and countless other genres,  Impure Wilhlmina only serve to fascinate with each and every new chord attack. The guitar tone is so rich you can practically taste it and the driving force behind the music is incredibly strong, only serving to make Radiation an incredibly addictive listen. The sublime poetry behind every lead line and the jarring roalty of the progressions leaves you in awe, I dare you to try and turn this record off.

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