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Monday, July 17, 2017

Hell - Hell


Talk about a hell of a record! Hell, the famed and gloriously underground Oregon doom metal band is back with one of their most intense and satisfyting releases to date. A record that simply crushes the listeners skull in with its devastating guitar tones and fucked up growls Hell is a testimony to all that the bands could be and so much more. In the running for heaviest record this year, Hell are the peak of this new wave of fabulously ugly and perpetually tortured doom metal that is rising up across the United States.

From the first track, Helmzmen you know that you are in for something that can't help but to terrify. This is a record that crushes your skull out with sounds that would haunt those not appropriately primed for this kind of music. There is something demented about this band that even their most fucked up peers would have a hard time matching. It's incredibly easy to get lost in the devilish stomp of a band who tear you limb from limb with layers of effects battling against each other in order to conjure up a sound that would make even a brave man tremble. They have taken their production, execution and vision to a demented new level, and I love it.

The sense of forward momentum that defines this record is only outmatched by the crippling devastation of the bottom end. As Hell becomes increasingly more twisted you find yourself wandering deeper into the pit of sound that this record represents. If there ever was a soundtrack to what the dominion of the Dark Lord looked like, it would be this. Defined by their screwed up and heavily effects laden vocal tracks and made incredible by their top notch songwriting, this is album of the year material.

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