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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mordenial - The Plague

The idea of plague is a striking one across human history. There is something inherently terrifying about the concept of you and everyone you konw falling victim to a massive plague that no one can really explain. It shows us a certain side of the human condiiton that I think many of us are more comfortable ignoring. So coming to terms with it in the context of a death metal record simply feels natural. The ferocious Swedish melodeath of Mordenial acts as the lens for these terrifying ideas and encourages the listener to pull back the veil.

Chock to the brim iwth angualr riffing, harsh vocals reminiscent of At The Gates and powerful melodic lines that would make Jesper Stromblad proud The Plague is a record that any fan of the founders of melodic death metal could get behind. They have clearly digested the approach of the Gothenburg scene and turned it into something that is truly their own. As much as Mordenial are not afraid to wear their influences on their collective sleeve you still get a sense throughout that this isn't a record that could hae come out any time other than 2017. The touches of death metal and the quality of the production remind us exactly who these guys are and what their musical context is, and I love it.

The Plague is great because of how it can sweep you up into its arms and make you really fall in love with the soundscapes provided. There is an otherworldly magic to these tracks and a demented teeth gnashing glory that you can't deny. Far more twisted than their musical ancestors The Plague sees Mordenial confronting a darker side of the human condition. While they certainly still can tighten up execution it's fascinating to hear a modern Swedish band creating an exciting take on a genre their countrymen made famous.

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