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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Ledge - Cold Hard Concrete

Oooooh shit! With the breakup of Weekend Nachos we've seen a variety of side projects either start or become reinvigorated. My personal favorite of these has to be Ledge, the John Hoffman directed project's latest record, Cold Hard Concrete delivers doom tinged blackened hardcore that plumbs the depth of the human spirit. There is something almost impossible heavy about this band, taping into a pair of scenes that I love deeply and reminding us that the underground stands better united than in fractalized mandness.

One of my favorite parts about this record, and a huge part of wha makes it so singular is that John Hoffman actually did almost everything performing, drums, bass, and vocals. His longtime musical partner, Andy Nelson steps in and provides the crippling guitar tone. I think what gets me throughout with this record is the way that it reminds us of the old school DIY spirit but without compromising on magnificent production and top notch tracks. You can really sink your teeth into what Ledge have put together here, it sounds so goddamn massive that it's hard to miss out on the sheer magnificence, and quite frankly, simple grandeur of this project.

Yet don't think that John Hoffman is putting on airs. Cold Hard Concrete is a brutally nihilistic and evil record. Its devastatingly heavy and grinds your teeth down to nubs. If you dig bands like Forn and Primitive Man then it's going to be very obvious to you where Hoffman is coming from on this record and I love it. The ugliness is something that you can really rest in and it reminds us why we need to get so deep in this wonderfully fucked up music. Hoffman has done it again and Ledge is an act to look out for.

Pre-order from the label!

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