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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Undergang - Misantropologi

Undergang are part of the new crew of death metal bands who seem destined to take over the world, and their latest offering, Misantropologi is one of the most impressive underground releases of the year. There is a certain bone crushing magic to their "OOHS" death grunts with balls behind them. The muddy guitar tone only serves to drag down the demented ruminations of these French death metal masters. A band who are not afraid to play by their own rules, Misantropologi is an absolute stunner.

I think the magic of Undergang comes from their seemingly endless bottom end, it gives a certain breadth to the sound that you're not going to find in many of their peers. Furthermore, their willingness to come to America and slug it out gives them a sense of the American sound, a sound that is starting to take over the world. The inherent evil found in these tracks is delicious and the aural torment found in the soul wrenching riffage only adds to the almost surreal devastation that Undergang unleash across all ten tracks of this release. Is this death metal to tear your head the fuck off? I think so.

So come on in, the blood is fine and the riffs are better. Undergang understand the spirit of the modern death metal movement and Misantropologi is their defining statement. You find yourself lost in the circle pitting magic of these tracks and slowly find yourself peeling your face off of the shattered concrete. Undergang refuse to compromise and will continue to break bones, no matter what you say about it. There is something almost terrifying about their assault and it makes me hungry for more.

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