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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Subservience - Forest Of The Impaled

In a bit of a parallel move for one of my favorite underground labels going right now, Black Bow Records is gearing up to put out the latest from Subservience. Now this is a record that can't help but to intimidate. It's crushingly heavy, devastatingly fast and completely unwilling to compromise. In a year when death metal is dominating Subservience come screaming for vengeance in order to unleash some of the most ferocious death metal to come out of the UK in a hot minute. In many ways a logical continuation on their musical ancestors in Bolt Thrower, this is death metal for the modern age. 

Forest Of The Impaled is strangely charming, in the way that only death metal can be. With its flashy and electrifying solos, crazed riffs and voluminous bottom end it's clear that, from back to front, this is an achievement in brutality. As much as the band might pay tribute to some of the traditional tropes they also are pushing the envelope and clearly understand the blasphemies of their peers in bands like Vastum and Undergang. The fact that they are putting their own English spin on it just adds to the fun. Of special note is the deliciously evil back and forth of high and low growls, the track Beneath The Earth makes especially good use of this and it's a motif found throughout the record.

It's easy to get lost in the infinite riffage of Subservience, and Forest Of The Impaled kinfes its way deep into your heart in a surprisingly natural way. The monolithic brilliance of this record is stunning and the way that the band elegantly makes the entire thing flow only grows the magic. While at times the record may sound a bit long winded the general effect is potent. In a world where it's so easy to get lost in the muck of a million other death metal bands Subservience have been grinding forward to craft something special. 

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