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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Vatican - Ache Of Eternity

Knuckle dragging and ferocious these Georgia boys have really pulled it off with a death metal record that can't help but to stun. Ache Of Eternity is the sort of metallic hardcore record that cracks skulls with its punchy accuracy, tight songwriting and bone breaking breakdowns. There is a certain undeniable ferocity to what Ache Of Eternity is doing here, and it's easy to get lost in their punishing grooves and top notch mixes. Though this record only has five fairly brief songs it remains an incredibly angry document to the genre.

The rough and tumble magic of a song like Boundless Image only speaks to this bands ability to snap necks with their powerful hooks and bounty of crunchy riffs. Simultaneously they are not afraid to break out some wonderfully sick circle pit riffs that can't help but get the blood flowing, even as I sit here in a cushy Manhattan apartment. Vatican tap into that inner 15 year old and get you ready to mosh right into the wall. That being said, the band still isn't totally wehre they need to be, as much as the songwriting and riffs are great they definitely occasionally buy into one too many hardcore tropes which serves to make them seem a little silly.

At the end of the day though this is a stellar ripper of a record and one totally free of clunkers. Yeah there are places where they could tighten things up in terms of execution and ways to move forward but the vast majority of their work suggests that this band has the potential to be a great death metal band with a few touches of hardcore. If they focus in on what truly makes them special, that is to say tight songs with killer riffs and shed some of the flab then they will be set to take over the goddamn world.

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