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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Overoth - The Forgotten Tome

It's been seven long years since one of my favorite UK death metal bands has even uttered a peep in terms of new music. In fact the gap had been so long that I had just assumed they were broken up. Boy was I ever glad to be proven wrong. Their new offering, The Forgotten Tome is evil as anything they did in previous years and the bloodthirsty majesty of this record speaks to all that Overoth have been able to build up over the last twelve years. Sure it takes these guys a while to get cooking, but when they do you know it's going to melt your face off.

The old school death metal worship is of course a major factor on The Forgotten Tome, but I get the sense that this new record is distinctly couched in the new death metal revival. There is a certain manic energy communicated here by the bands crushing bottom end which also serves to drag you down under tremolo picked sonic assaults. The forward crush of The Forgotten Tome oftentimes borders on terrifying and the palatable bloodlust with the vocals these tracks only serves to add to the demented glory conjured up by the blasting drums and tightly controlled guitar assault that defines Overoth.

I remember when Kingdom Of Shadows came out I went back to spin that record again and again because the band so clearly got old school death metal, hell I think that record is still on my iPod. So the fact that The Forgotten Tome only serves to add to this legacy can't help but to excite. Overoth are one of those excellent little bands that dots the underground and is full of potential, you just need to wait until they really come to fruition and evolve into what they need to be. The Forgotten Tome is perhaps the UK's best death metal offering to be and I'm excited to hear what the band pulls together next.

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