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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Inquisitor - I Am Sick, I Must Die

Man, I never thought that I would see the day when there would be a new Inquisitor release, muchless a two new Inquisitor releases. A high powered metal thrashing mad seven inch courtesy of Hammer Heart records announces the return of the extreme thrash metal greats back to the scene. Coming in guns blazing with a powerful shriek and razor sharp guitars Inquisitor crafted something truly special with this release, and though it's just a taster (Hell most of the run time is covers!) I can't help but to get excited. 

So let's break this three track EP down, the only original song, I Am Sick, I Must Die is an absolute banger hearkening back to the bands grand tradition. The breakneck speeds and maniacal vocals only serve to prove as a chest thumping proclamation that Inquisitor are back and good as ever. It really sets the tone for what is to come from these dudes as they progress in their reunion. The two covers, Extreme Unction from Pestilence and Dark Angels Perish In Flames serve to provide a tasty reminder of where this band came from and are a tribute to the groups subterranean origins. It pads out the single and pushes this entire thing to strange new heights. 

The bloodthirsty magic of Inquisitor reminds us again and again why we sacrifice our lives for this musc. There is something endlessly exciting about high powered thrash metal of the sort that Inquisitor so masterfully deliver. There is a surreal and devastating beauty to what the band has outlined and if you can't dig your teeth into it then you might as well back the hell off. Inquisitor are the real deal, ferocious, angry and ready to bite your nose off. If you can't fall in love with those licks then you might be a lost cause. 

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