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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Leng T'che - Razorgrind

There's grind and then there's motherfucking GRIND, this record falls into the latter category. Chock to the brim with insane riffs, unabashedly borrowing not just from the grindcore canon but also hardcore, death metal and even deathcore, Razorgrind is a surprisingly diverse record for something with such a straightforward name. There is a certain gleeful insanity that defines Leng T'che's work that has perhaps never been on better display than here, and it means that Razorgrind is the face melting masterpiece it was always meant to be.

The devastating interplay between guttural growls and high pitched screams is delicious and the bands surprisingly warm guitar tone serves to make Razorgrind one of the groups most tantalizing listens to date. The depth of the songwriting and the inherent complexity of a track like Cibus speaks to all that the group has been able to create over the years. There is something almost mind melting about the bands unabashed dedication to enhancing the sufering, to tearing your heart out and choking you out as you try and navigate the complex and unforgivingly sharp edges that define this release.

Still, the bands willingness to accept some slightly poppier elements is fascinating, and counterbalances some of the no-wave Napalm Death influenced stuff that makes its way into the record. Razorgrind is an absolute beast of an album and one that will shake your understanding of the genre as Leng T'che rewrite the rules in order to unleash something that will leave you suffering and trying to understand the fundamental nature of a record that, when it comes down to it, simply doesn't give a fuck.

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