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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Russian Girlfriends - All Around

The melodic punk scene is an interesting one these days. It bridges the gap between a variety of genres, from the musics demented underground to the mainstream darlings like Neck Deep so adored by teenage girls the world over. Russian Girlfriends are the perfect example of this having toured with everyone from Red City Radio and Teenage Bottlerocket to motherfucking Pears. Their ability to balance these sounds is fascinating and has me spinning their latest offering All Around and again and again.

I guess what all this comes down to is simply that Russian Girlfriends have some excellent songwriting and stellar execution. With tracks like A Rollerskating Jam Named Regret making the bands Menzingers influence fairly obvious it's also clear throughout that these dudes grew up playing in hardcore bands. They have refined something truly special here, they tap into the American power that pop punk has but also give it the sense of danger that makes this music so appealing in the first place. Toss in some truly excellent production with top notch guitar tones and it becomes obvious why so many are so sold on this band.

All Around is an all around addictive listen, it shows us a band who play by their own rules and who understand the confines of a genre that has only continued to grow in the last few years. Russian Girlfriends are working on something very special and distinctly their own here and it's easy to see the appeal. I'm simply curious about how this music is going to evolve now that they have been able to refine such an excellent formula. They are pushing some truly magnificent work here and I'm curious to see it develop in the next few years.

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