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Monday, August 21, 2017

Big | Brave - Ardor

Big | Brave, now there's a fucking band. A group who came out of seemingly nowhere a few years ago have now become favorites in the Roadburn set. Their latest record Ardor only adds to their long legacy of hypnotic and deeply emotional music that ebbs and flows its way across the vinyl, bringing in minimalist arrangements with touches of violin and a massive fucking bass guitar. The laid back and surrealistic roar of a song like Lull is strangely soothing, forcing you to wrap your head around some weird psychedelic dreamscapes but also remaining firmly grounded in that gnarly ass bottom end that defines the groups history.

This is certainly a challenging listen, three long form songs, all of which feature faded out Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas style vocals and monochromatic vibes that force you to really spend time with the record to understand it. There is something incredibly delicate about the frontwomans performance here and the balance of this with the force of nature that is the rhythm section will leave you in complete awe. The dark and light that defines Big | Brave's sound is delicious and addictive. It encourages you to return to the record time and time again, increasingly enamored by an album that can't help but to charm.

I invite you to join me in getting lost in this record. The emotional might of these tracks is hard to wrap your head around and they clearly represent an immense travail. Considering how productive the band is, this being their third record since 2014 it rapidly becomes clear how much time the band invests into their music. It's always nice when a group with this sort of vision comes crawling across my desk, demanding me to pay attention and leaving me in total awe of what unfolded before me. Ardor is a masterpiece to say the least and it's a pleasure to pick it apart. 

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