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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Dark Red Seed - Stands With Death

The Dark Red Seed is one of the weirder bands on Prophecy Productions, but largely because they don't seem to really fit in with the labels usual fair of weird ambient music, twisted black metal and underground monstrosities. Rather The Dark Red Seed feels more like a rock band who delved too deep into the magic of the art rock scene. This duo has unleashed an incredibly powerful EP, full of surprisingly rich soundscapes, stripped down arrangements and minor key vocal melodies that enchant the listener.

The almost dirge like chants that define some of this albums choruses and the dark and ethereal brooding passages that serve to expand this bands capabilities beyond the realm of most in their genre. The willingness to slip back into almost improvised feeling atmospheric passages helps to prove why so many have become so rapidly mesmerized with Stands With Death. This isn't a record that demands a lot of the listener, rather it sneaks upon you and drags you under with it. There is a far darker world hinted at within the gentle lull of this band that helps to make it all the more delightful when you dig into these powerful hooks.

Stands With Death comes from the sort of band that I fully expect to see performing at Roadburn next year. They have all the potential to be slugging it out with bands like Esben & The Witch or even Crippled Black Phoenix. They have the same transcendent potency, but without the epic arrangements. Rather in their minimalism they help to show a new way forward, tapping into the same emotions but in an entirely unique way, reminding us time and time again that there is no end to the beauty of this music. 

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