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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Vasilek - The Dark Road

Mike Hill from Tombs has been on a bit of a tear lately, touring constantly, releasing sick black metal albums, and now finally the long awaited record from Vasilek, The Dark Road. This mind melting 40 minute long noise exploration is the kind of thing that you can't exactly wrap your head around after one or two lsitens, it's the sort of noise release that has the intense depth that can only come from a fairly iconoclastic and isolated genius, it's the weird and deeply emotional strength of Vasilek that appeals to me and which keeps me coming back.

I think what I really love about The Dark Road is the sheer expansiveness of the sound. Vasilek isn't exactly a band who are comfortable to rest on their laurels. Instead this record expands constantly, pushing boundaries and forcing you to accept increasingly twisted versions of a demented future. Vasilek understands the darker sides of the nosie genre and filters them through the sort of insanely twisted compositions that keep us enamored with what this kind of music can do for you. The Dark Road is a poetic statement and one that takes a while to understand but which seems to be fully worth it.

What really comes out of left field and throws me though is the way that this record ends, with a thirty three minute long concept piece called The Green Lady. Dwarfing the other two tracks it's impossible to not fall in love with the grandiose musical utterances that define the track. The sheer alien nature of that track encapsulates all that I love about The Dark Road and the bizarre and twisted reality that it paints before you as another sad an innocent listener looking for meaning in a world of shit.

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