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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Vinsta - Vinsta Wiads

This one is a little weird for both Trollmusic and Prophecy Productions, but certainly an interesting pick and one that makes sense for both labels discographies. Vinsta Wiads is a sort of primeval melodic death metal record that you can't just pull out of your ass. There is something powerful and transcendent about Vinsta Wiads, it's the sort of record that constantly pushes itself to bold new heights and which reminds us time and time again that metal subgenres will always have more room to expand in. 

I think what gets me about Vinsta Wiads is simply the way that the band is able to push its delicate sonic landscapes forward with a melodic death metal attack reminiscent of their peers in bands like Dark Tranquility or Amorphis. there is a certain surreal poetry to these tracks. At the same time the love for the bands native Salzburg Alps is easily discernible. Vinsta Wiads is a tribute to a beautiful part of the world as much as it is a musical triumph. Vinsta encourages you to explore new sides of the melodeath genre, the lyricism of the guitars and the penchant for chanted vocals is delicious, pushing the band to new sonic heights. 

There is something about Vista Wiads that has me perpetually coming back. The depth of music is on par with the great prog records but Visnta perpetually push it ot new levels with their audacious vision and grandiose compositions. I love records that really hearken back to the bands native culture and Vinsta Wiads certainly does that, almost above all things. Vinsta is a band who know exactly what they want and who they can be, the way that they pull you into this brave new world can't help but to excite.

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