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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Altarage - Endinghent

Man this has been an insane year for death metal and Season Of Mist have only been contributing to the madness. Their latest, from their Underground Activists imprint is totally and gloriously insane. Altarage are a Spanish death metal band with shadowy origins, their latest offering Endinghent is an earth shaking, mind melting and quite frankly terrifying fucking masterpiece of death metal destruction. This is devastation on a brand new level, waves of distortion crashing over the listener and repeatedly choking them out.

I think what fascinates me about Altarage is their unending ability to be different. This is a band who can crack skulls time and time again simply because their sense of heaviness is so far beyond what many of their peers offer. Their sense of heaviness is one that comes from the deep dark portions of the underground that most bands dare not even dwell upon. They have come up from the murk to let out something that cracks fucking teeth. Death metal has always banked on being massive and alienating, Being the sort of thing that defined you as a 'weird kid' for the rest of your days. Endinghent is the perfect example of this, forcing you into a suffocating hole which you can't help but to love.

Endinghent is a masterful release and one that can't help but force you to stare into the abyss from whence you came. They are the sort of band who have always reveled in the murk and this latest offering is simply the next step in a legacy of brutality. Yet they don't bank on crushing riffs, but rather the overwhelming oppressive force of the music. The way that their bottom end just seems to keep growing and the way that the vocals continue to annihilate and terrorize the listener continually reminds us that the underground will never die, just rise up harder and stronger.

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