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Friday, September 29, 2017

Haemorrhage - We Are The Gore

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In a year of death metal we've been getting surprisingly little of the gory stuff. That new Exhumed record is perhaps the closest we've come to gore metal supremacy, but even that, while truly excellent, was a little bit off the traditional mark for the band. All that being said - there's consequently something strangely refreshing about We Are The Gore, it's a revisiting of death metal the way it used to be with samples from slasher flicks, punishing riffs and low pitched growls that put you right in the cellar.

Haemorrhage fascinates not just because they meet a lot of the standard gore metal tropes but because they move beyond it, enhancing the genre with a sense of, dare I say, fun? The madness found within this band is delicious, the bloodthirsty might of a group navigating their way confidently and proudly through a field of gore. There is a sublime sense of chaos to what We Are The Gore accomplishes here. It has the sickest 'blechs' and the craziest solos. Sure they play on all of the traditional tropes of the genre but that's part of what makes it so goddamn charming. They do it well which absolves them of so many flaws and leaves me with a smile on my face.

We Are The Gore is a fascinating document of a genre and a fitting tribute to all that came before. The bloodthirst skullfucking magic of a track like The Cremator's Song curb stomps the listener and leaves you in awe of the power of the riff. Haemorrhage are driving forward in an almost unreal fashion, they have a palpable sense of groove to everything they do, a touch of death n' roll that makes us thirst for more of the fucked up madness within. Digging in deep to We Are The Gore shows us time and time again that there will always be a place for gore metal in the canon.

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