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Monday, September 18, 2017

Bell Witch - Mirror Reaper

When I first heard that Bell Witch was going to be doing an extended one song quadruple LP I gotta say I kind of shook in my cowboy boots. There aren't a lot of bands doing what Bell Witch does and none execute with the same subtlety and lucidity. Featuring a unique bass and drums lineup the band has always had a unique and powerful melodic sensibility - but this record pushes it to the max. For a band defined by extremely long songs, Mirror Reaper is the ultimate statement. It's a potent and highly intelligent artistic statement that will take countless listens to properly understand.

Though the sole track on this record is eighty three (!) minutes long it's important to understand that it's broken into a few distinct parts, making it much less of a trudge than one might imagine. Instead you find yourself wandering through unique musical landscapes of the sort that only Dylan Desmond can properly conjure up. This is a group who have never played by the rules but instead who deal with extremes. They are the slowest, the heaviest and the darkest band in the world and if you can't deal with their crushing sonic poetry then doom simply isn't for you. There is something poetically devastating about Mirror Reaper that is going to take the scene by storm.

While on the one hand one track albums can sometimes be a bit intimidating they also allow you to really immerse yourself in the music. Bell Witch has always made a name for themselves by meditating on nothingness and navigating massive aural cavities. Mirror Reaper simply sees the band expanding this sensibility so far beyond anything most fans thought possible that you might very well have to reevaluate your entire understanding of doom metal. This record goes above and beyond, transcendent and beautiful - this is the future of the genre.

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