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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Bloodway - A Fragile Riddle Crypting Clues

Regular readers know that I've long admired I, Voidhanger for their impeccable taste in, among other things, avant garde black metal. This latest offering from the label,  Bloodways A Fragile Riddle Crypting Clues due out November 3rd is one of their most impressive offerings yet. There is a demented beauty to the album - the sense of drive that the band brings to the table with their tortured high pitched growls, twisted cleans and potent songwriting makes for a listening experience that we aren't soon going to let go. 

With psychedelic tones abounding A Fragile Riddle Crypting Clues isn't really content to be 'just a black metal record' even though it very well could be. Instead we find ourselves drowning under increasingly weird chords, potent melodies and strange constructions which challenge the listener to really wrap their heads around the magic that the genre can have. Bloodway have made a name for themselves since the beginning as a band who refuse to conform to any sort of genre stereotypes and instead drive forward with the same fucked up glory that has advised their career and progression for years now. 

Deeply introspective and unafraid to get downright challenging Bloodway are going to leave you with more questions than answers - but that's kind of the point. This is a band who from the get go dreamed of turning black metal on its head, or at least pushing far beyond the conventional limitations of the genre. With A Fragile Riddle Crypting Clues they do exactly that, reminding us time and time again that black metal is just as much a lifestyle as it is anything else and we can't help but to become obsessed. 

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