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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Fleurety - The White Death

I've always been fascinated by the nooks and crannies of the Norwegian black metal scene. The bands that populate the darker and more obscure sides of the Karisma, Peaceville and Devar type labels out there. It's been nearly twenty years since the bands last full length and all we've had to hold us over in the interim have been sporadic EP releases. The White Death suggests a new level of madness for the band - it's exactly what the EP's have been hinting at for years now but with a sense of breadth that really lets the band profit.

I think what always got me about Fleurety was the fact that, on many of their EP's, as great and as experimental as they were the songs didn't get a ton of space to breathe due to the nature of the format. Now with The White Death we get a much grander vision of the band, a chance to see a far darker reality painted before us and to watch that selfsame reality slowly twist into something disturbing. Experimental black metal has always been a hard genre to get into and Fleurety never shied from pushing the envelope. One need look no deeper than the bridge of the title track to realize that this is going to be an intense and strange listen.

Despite how initially alienating this record might be it's one that I've had a wonderful time really sinking my teeth into. Fleurety is routinely fascinating, endlessly bizarre and always willing to make you ask questions. It's strangely engaging to get to sink your teeth into an album like this one that pushes the boundaries of the genre so far. It helps us to look beyond a lot of what we normally see as black metal and start to tap into a much more exciting and developed soundworld that few can truly match.   

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  1. Some of the post black metal music is some of the most creative stuff I listen to. Loving this album!