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Friday, September 8, 2017

Cannabis Corpse - Left Hand Pass

It's time for yet another masterful death metal monolith from the stoned geniuses in Cannabis Corpse, this one entitled Left Hand Pass. And so we delve once more into a world of death metal puns, weed jokes and incredibly sick riffs. One of the things that always throws me about this band is how far they have gotten despite the incredibly niche nature of their schtick. I guess that's all the proof you need that Cannabis Corpse are one of the most goddamn talented death metal bands in the world today.

Successfully blending old school and new school incredibly chunky riffs meet mad munchies. The driving force of the rhythm assault is only matched by the crazed guitars which feel like they are going to fall apart at any given moment. The manic assault on these tracks often doesn't feel very stoner-esque but that's part of what makes Cannabis Corpse so rewarding, they smoke that good shit. The madness behind their music, as defined by Landphil's trademark roar and the punishing songwriting is a reminder of why we love death metal in the first place. The tracks are fairly easy to listen too and constantly push towards something strangely fun.

That being said don't think that the dudes in Cannabis Corpse don't understand the fundamental nature of death metal. Sure they sometimes hint at thrashier moments, but Left Hand Pass is ultimately an album that will unrelentingly fuck you face off. There are relatively few bands in the modern death metal zeitgeist who have such a top down understanding of the genre, but Cannabis Corpse prove that even without the dumb jokes they are one of the best death metal bands going right now, and if you don't like that, leave the hall.

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