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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Heptaedium - How Long Shall I Suffer Here?


For a long time it felt like djent had run its course, that it had found a place in the mainstream metal scene and become integrated but wasn't going to progress much beyond that. It felt like after a few years of triumph the djent movement was over, after an explosion of bands nothing more was to be done. Fortunately, Heptaedium kept at it in order to create some delicious instrumental djent that stands out from the pack .With luscious soundscapes and top of the line songwriting, it's easy to see why so many have fallen in love with what this band represents.

What sets Heptaedium aside from so many of their peers is the inclusion of video game music. Sure the compositions are top notch, the tones excellent and the playing peerless, but Heptaedium is unafraid to bring in more than a few video game elements to the fold. The incorporation of synthwave and chiptune has always been an underlying current in the world of djent, but it feels like this record is really pushing that to an extreme, representing just how potent Heptaedium is. They have taken a lot of the core elements of this sound refined them and then determined a way that makes it wholly their own and in its own way wholly addictive. Extricating yourself from this world of sonic adventures is a nigh on impossible task.

In an Axe FX driven world Heptaedium reign supreme, their straightforward execution and innovative sounds endlessly charming the listener in a swirling firestorm of sonic triumph. How Long Shall I Suffer Here? represents an exciting side of djent which is so rarely talked about. A genre who needed the fat to be trimmed away in order for the truly triumphant side to come out, Heptaedium is the sort of band who exist after the end, they move past the rapid fall of a genre and dominate as their own thing, mesmerizing now and forever.

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