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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Vassafor - Malediction

Roaring and demented antedeluvian black metal all the way from New Zealand, these blackened death metal monsters have crafted something truly terrifying. With massive songs, devastating soundscapes and twisted fucking vocals there is a sense of sublime darkness that defines this band and guides the entire record forward. The earth shaking triumph found within Vassafors latest offering, the blasphemous Malediction reminds us once again why Debemur Morti is one of the most respected labels in black metal today.

I think what defines Malediction is the overwhelming power of the riff, be it the death doom riffs that define the bridge of a track like Devourer Of A Thousand worlds, the black metal sorcery that defines the record, or any of the other mesmerizing cyclical riffs that guide this music. The overwhelming crush that comes from these atmospheres is a reminder, time and time again, of mans own insignificance in an increasingly more terrifying world. Vassafor have tapped into a almost terrifying reality here and one that goes back to the mid 90s. It's this legacy of torment that I really think cements the band as one of the all time greats.

This is a long record and one that has a lot of really long songs. Malediction demands multiple listens because of the claustrophobic riffing and tense chord changes. It's a record that pummels you in the gut but which is unafraid to step back and let you get lost in how goddamn massive it is. There is a sense of existential terror I get when listening to Vassafor that few other bands can truly match. You find yourself drowning under spiraling riffs and eventually realizing black metal is the only way through the storm.

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