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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

King Parrot - Ugly Produce

King Parrot are one of the craziest, potent and unabashedly fun bands to have come out of the grindcore scene in the past few years. A scene that periodically enters phases of stagnation due to the raw simplicity of the music, it feels like King Parrot are here to kickstart grind back into relevance. There is a simple depravity to Ugly Produce that is hard to really wrap your head around. The surreal beauty of the record comes in the chunky hooks, fucked up vocals and monstrous attack that has come to define the band. 

These guys understand the fundamentally silly nature of the genre. Ugly Produce has a silly cover, over the top songs like Piss Wreck and Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound band and a generally tongue in cheek attitude that has come to guide the band. There's a reason after all that they are perhaps the single most successful Australian underground band to come out of the scene in recent years, with the possible exception of Ne Obliviscaris. King Parrot come at you disturbed, bloodthirsty and ready to rumble. Ugly Produce is the music of a twisted band coming from a twisted place, ready to dive into the maw of madness that the band has come to embrace.

At the end of the day, this record is ridiculously catchy. Ugly Produce has massive choruses that you can really delve into. Sure it's fairly avant garde grindcore but at the same time King Parrot understand what people connect too and what they want. I think it's important the grindcore artists realize how inherently silly the genre can be whilst simultaneously giving it the dignity its legacy deserves. King Parrot understand this and use this to refine a record that will crack your skull time and time again. 

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