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Monday, September 4, 2017

Siinai - Sykli

Today in weird and strangely operatic post rock records I bring you the latest from Siinai, Sykli. A weirdly mesmerizing journey through the cycle of life. There is something strangely transcendent about this release and a poetic beauty to the surreal mastery of the band. Siinai have come leaps and bounds ahead in terms of their sound on this release and it's incredibly easy to get lost in what they have created. Understated, beautiful and full of deeply emotional and powerful statements Sykli is the sort of thing you can't just listen too once.

For me the beauty of this record comes not just in the constant loops and the surreal beauty found within but moreover the bands willingness to bring in disparate elements. For one the throat singing on Temppeli immediately caught my attention. It gives what is otherwise a thoroughly modern feeling band a rather atavistic sensibility. It couches the music of Sykli in a greater Finnish musical context and encourages the listener to really dig in to what the band has on offer here. There is a sense of grandeur that defines Sykli and which makes it so addictive. It's an easy listen but one that implies a lot.

What really gets me is the bands willingness to bring in anything and everything, even just to counterpoint the atavistic tendencies of Temppeli the band brings their avant garde to the side with the following song Mestari which uses what feels like an old school video game inspired theme underscored by a traditional flute sounding instrument. There's a whole lot to unpack here and it feels like Siinai's vision has never been more pure. You feel the sound washing over you and soon enough the magic will entrance, now and forever.

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