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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Monotrope - Unifying Receiver

So this is an interesting find, this time from the maniacs over at New Atlantis Records. Monotrope is a proggy, post music-esque instrumental band featuring a variety of record label people who got together to create something magical. There is a strange and ethereal potency to their debut offering Unifying Receiver, the unique and bizarre monolith that defines their album cover serves as a metaphor for the music, this album simply sounds huge and powerful. It taps into weird sonic landscapes and reminds us time and time again what this band is capable of.

Recorded in four locations Monotrope has a surprisingly tightly defined sound. The songs are all driven forward with an incredibly clear vision and the musical twists and turns that define a song like Aileron Pair only serve to fascinate. While this is certainly a bit of a dense listen and a record that is going to take anyone a little while to properly unpack Monotrope also seem to understand the nature of the beast in a way few of their peers can compete with. They dig deep into strange musical landscapes and pull out totally unique and visionary influences to pack into their sound, making this quite the journey.

As you find yourself navigating the triumphant fields of Unifying Receiver the monolithic vision of the band comes increasingly to light. The group rapidly unveils layer upon layer of rock and roll majesty, reminding us time and time again of just how good they are. You find yourself getting lost in sonic triumphs and picking at the scab of aural indecency and yet within it all there is a groove you just can't escape. It's this magical groove that's going to keep you going and capture your imagination now and forever.

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