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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Primitive Man - Caustic

I've spun it 3 or 4 times now and all I can say is holy shit, Primitive Man have done it again. They have established a reputation for themselves as perhaps the worlds premier sludge doom band, having traversed the globe playing their unique brand of basement dwelling filth. Their latest offering, and their second ever full length Caustic, is the kind of abrasive madness that drives men to madness. There is something wonderfully depraved about this band, and the punishing assault painted here is utterly inescapable.

You get choked out on Primitive Man fairly easily. It's the sort of band who overwhelm you with a wall of sound, but rather than being friendly or endearing, this is the sort of wall of sound that makes you want to die. Though the band has only been around since 2012 they have amassed an insane 13(!) releases since 2013. They've established something totally crushing and inescapable, the kind of music that reminds us why nihilism is often the only way. Painting pictures of a twisted and fucked up America tormented by class, health and drug issues Caustic is the soundtrack to Trumps demented country.

These Denver natives are among the greatest representatives of their rapidly burgeoning scene. Caustic is the sort of record that makes you choke on your own insecurity and forces you to realize that no matter what the media might want you to believe it always gets worse. The utterly colossal riffs that define this record and simply mind melting devastation that rings out from your speakers as you turn this up to eleven is a fitting reminder that all is not right, and furthermore all will never be right. We're fucked.

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