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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Audn - Farvegir Fyrndar

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Man - Season Of Mist has done nothing but crank out classic after classic from new bands these past few years and the latest and greatest of these is Audn's most recent offering, the mind melting mastery that is Farvegir Fyrndar. These Icelandic metal freaks have crafted something truly powerful here, showing a strong sense of melody along with a far deeper understanding of the dark side of the genre than many of their contemporary peers. It makes for a record you don't want to put down because it so perfectly captures the magic of black metal.

There is a mesmerizing power to Farvegir Fyrndar inasmuch as it perfectly fuses the beauty of this music with the lurking evil which has always drawn me to it. Audn understand that there needs to be something transcendent for a black metal record to be truly great, and yet a plethora of 'blechs' and old school guitar tones come together to prove time and time again that this band is so much more than that. Everything they do is firmly and powerfully couched in a much grander tradition. There is the same sense of glorious isolation here that helps to make so many of their countrymens records so singular and fascinating.

I'm routinely stunned by this record because it has no problem matching the demented blasphemic sounds that drew me so deep into this music when I was 15 with the songwriting prowess and spiritual potency that has kept me so devout to black metal for so long. On top of that Farvegir Fyrndar is an album with infinite layers, it's incredibly composed and every listen unveils fascinating new nooks and crannies. It leaves you perpetually digging and trying to get even more lost in what is a truly monolithic statement.

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