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Monday, October 23, 2017

Impureza - La Caida De Tonatiuh

Cover art

I am honestly a little bit shocked that I hadn't heard of Impureza before today, a Hispanic themed brutal death metal band based in France would normally be right up my alley, but the band has long toiled in relative obscurity. Perhaps a result of their relatively limited output, this latest offering La Caida De Tonatiuh is their first full length in seven years, the band hasn't quite gotten the attention they so obviously deserve. Their fusion of Iberian music with technical and brutal death metal, while not seamless, is certainly really fucking interesting.

There is a devastating magic to this band, they truly understand the power of every genre of music that they dabble in. Their brutal death metal parts are delicious, filled with Phrygian melodies and sick ass lines, meanwhile the Spanish music which adds valuable padding to the record serves to give the album a sense of depth that it might not otherwise have achieved. The spiraling mysteries and transcendent choruses encapsulated within this record though are frequently very potent, hinting at bold soundscapes and reminding us time and time again why it's so goddamn worth it to get lost in this whole thing.

The way that Impureza bounce back and forth between traditional music and some truly sick riffs is shockingly well done. Rather than bands like Tengger Cavalry which foolishly just sandwich things together this record sees the band as masters of both styles and combining ideas in order to guarantee that there is a sense of forward thinking magic behind the whole thing. These tracks are compositionally very powerful and make for addictive listening. Detaching yourself from La Caida De Tonatiuh can be a challenge, but one that is a pleasure to take on.

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