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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Cannibal Corpse - Red Before Black

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Cannibal Corpse has historically been one of my favorite bands, as they have been for many of you dear readers. I've been a huge fan of their last couple of records which saw the band entering a slightly thrashier page of their existence, a notion especially present on Evisceration Plague which, at the time, felt like the sort of circle pitting war mongering anthem that we needed to truly understand what this band was going for all these years. Yet 2017 is the year of death metal and so it feels good right and salutary that Red Before Black is the heaviest the band has felt in years.

The magic of Cannibal Corpse is that no matter how jaded you might be, how tired you are, how much you hate the world around you, they can always bring you back to being 15 years old and putting their records on the stereo for the first time and being blown away. Red Before Black proves that while, yes, Cannibal Corpse can spread their wings beyond what they are traditionally known for doing, they don't really give a shit about what you think of them nor do they care about what you might expect. They are just going to unleash some of the most crushing, tooth grinding death metal you have ever heard.

In a year when countless young bucks are picking up their guitars and unleashing a hail of death metal riffs the likes of which the world has never before seen, Cannibal Corpse in with swagger and remind us that no matter what we might think, they remain the best in their class. This is a record defined by crazy solos, breakneck riffs and a stunning devotion to slaughter and it means that Cannibal Corpse has become something we can rely on. This is the band who shaped our world and we gotta love 'em. 

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