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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sorxe - Matter & Void

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Sludge metal is a genre that frequently feels a little bit played out or even silly. It's a genre that has a fairly limited auditory spectrum and one that a lot of artists have a hard time breaking out of. It's so tropey that to go beyond is often considered weird or simply unlistenable. This is a huge part of why bands like Sorxe are so goddamn appealing to me - because they show us a way forward a way that music can remain sludgy but also maintain enough interest as to keep the nerds coming back time and time again.

I think the key difference here is that Sorxe don't just raw from the usual array of influences, no. Instead they tap into a little band called Swans, and this particular influence seems to really push them well beyond what their peers are capable of. Sorxe are a band who understands the power of the sludge metal genre but also a band who want to expand, to add more than a little bit of that glorious avant garde magic to their music and use it in order to show the world that sludge metal is more than just guitars tuned to drop B. Instead Matter & Void represents a way forward for a genre in which too many have lost the faith.

It's exciting to hear a group like Sorxe come out, one who aren't afraid of the occasional poppy progression and who openly acknowledge sludge metals early ties to punk rock. This is a band who want to bring in all aspects of the genre and accentuate elements that are frequently left behind. When it comes down to it Matter & Void is a fascinating fucking release simply because it laughs at your rules and instead creates something far greater, more emotionally powerful and in many ways beautifully transcendent.

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