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Friday, October 13, 2017

Electric Wizard - Wizard Bloody Wizard

Electric Wizard are back baby, the heaviest most drugged out band in the universe have somehow gotten their shit together to do this again and we all are going to love it. Sure, it's Electric Wizard and they've always stayed true to the same basic formula, but that basic formula rules. In recent years the band has started to evolve a little bit too. They've had this wonderful sense of noisy chaos that has come to deeply impact the music. With Wizard Bloody Wizard the band takes their Sabbath obsession to glorious new levels and it's magic is impossible to reject.

I think one of the keys on this record has been the addition of the young Clayton Burgess of Satan's Satyrs. While he may not be a songwriting force in the band quite yet, the driving classic rock stomp of the opening track See You In Hell makes it obvious that the band isn't afraid to get even more musically atavistic than on previous efforts. Again - nothing here totally throws you for a curveball, but that's not the point of Electric Wizard, the point is to come into a song that has roaring riffs, undeniable swagger and a bloodthirsty taste for the flesh of innocent human females. You can't miss it.

At the end of the day, Electric Wizard are in some ways a living trope, but I think that sheer over the top majesty is what has made them so fascinating to begin with. Wizard Bloody Wizard is the sound of a band who can't help but to drive forward with the power of a crushing bottom end and weird wailing vocals. I've always been fascinated by the singleminded devotion of Electric Wizard to Black Sabbath and making an album title a pun on one of that very bands most lauded album speaks literal volumes to where they are at in 2017.

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