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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Complete Failure - Crossburner

It's hard to believe that Complete Failure are back, it's been five long years since 2012's insane and mesmerizing masterpiece, The Art Gospel Of Aggravated Assault. Their latest offering, Crossburner is the sort of insane politically minded grindcore that we need right now. There is something poetic, transcendent and powerful about Complete Failure's sonic assault here. It's punishingly fast and unrelentingly brutal. Crossburner cracks bones and crunches faces time after time to make a devastating release.

While on Crossburner Complete Failure certainly stick to a lot of the traditional tropes of the genre (And of the band for that matter) this record also sees the group pushing their musical boundaries further than ever before. There is an emphasis on this record of using speeches layered over insane grindcore riffs and time and time again it serves to crack the listeners skull. It's the sort of fascinating and genre breaking release that forces us to acknowledge that there is a whole mess of stuff to still be done in grindcore. Sure Complete Failure regularly build on traditional ideas, but Crossburner is the sort of endlessly addictive grindcore record you can't get enough of.

In a world where most grindcore plays on a lot of the same bland tropes and the political opinions regurgitate the same boring schlock, Crossburner comes at you fast and hard with songs that understand the crushing madness of the modern age and which forces you to ask the key questions. Complete Failure have always been a band who were not afraid to break the rules and grow the genre, and I love it. Beyond that, Crossburner has the same anarchist bloodthirst that makes grindcore so much fun in the first place.

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