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Monday, October 2, 2017

Goatpenis - Anesthetic Vapor

As far as vital South American black metal bands go you don't get much better than Goatpenis. They are one of those bands where everyone remembers the first time they found out about them, if for no other reason than what a name! In an age where the fires of nuclear war seem primed to rain down upon all of us their latest offering Anesthetic Vapor (Appropriately out on Nuclear War Now!) is a masterful and terrifying look into the world of black metal and the truly triumphant blasphemy that has defined the genre for so long.

There is a certain bloodthirsty triumph to Goatpenis's music and that is perhaps most obvious on this record. The production here feels fuller than ever before and the songwriting drives the devastation of the band to a brave new level. There is a manic beauty behind this record as if beneath the raw nerve endings that define this albums sound we are prone to discovering much darker and bolder new realities. Anesthetic Vapor is the sort of black metal record that seeks to terrify, and when those wonderfully demonic vocals kick in you can't help but to fall prostrate at the demented grins that must be adorning the bands faces.

Goatpenis is the sort of evil black metal no one can truly escape. It has the suffocating majesty that few of the bands peers would even dream of conjuring up and a sense of true evil that mesmerizes and seduces the listener to the dark side. The deeper you delve into the twisted ululations of this record the more rapidly it becomes clear that black metal, even in its rawest form remains an infinitely fascinating genre. It's fucked up in a way few can properly explain, and as such I can't help but feel this record will be on heavy rotation for a while.

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