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Monday, October 16, 2017

Midnight - Sweet Death And Ecstasy

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Midnight has always been a band who defied expectations, who refused to play by the rules and who constantly crack skulls with their undeniable black n roll assault. This is the sort of band who revel in the murk, love to fuck with the listener and who have the same sort of glorious satanic triumph that makes bands like Destroyer 666 so amazing. Sweet Death And Ecstasy is these madmens latest offering and one that is almost impossible to find yourself turning away from. The bands strongest release yet, prepare your body for some twisted fucking riffage.

Kicking off with the epic Crushed By Demons, it is pretty immediately obvious that Midnight have started to adopt some more of their well deserved swagger. There is a certain blunt confidence that makes Sweet Death And Ecstasy such an exciting listen. Sure the band isn't breaking new ground musically, but the songwriting is incredibly well done and the execution shockingly precise. As much as you might want to deny the twisted majesty of this band it's hard to not want to drink from the goblet of gore that Midnight paint with their crazed solos and Motorhead-tastic riffage. It's a maggot filled creation to be sure, but that's half the appeal. 

Fusing the best of old and new, tossing in classic gore charm with modern sensibilities and counterbalancing that with what feels like atavistic production Sweet Death And Ecstasy is the album we always wished Midnight would put out. It's an album that careens left and right, goes for the throat and never forgets that the whole point of rock and roll is to piss on your idols. The crazed Ohioans have done it again and made Sweet Death And Ecstasy one of the most rip roaring records of the year. 

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