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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Wojzchech/Krupsakaya - Split

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Grindcore has always had a near and dear place to my heart and the twelve inch split is perhaps the forms most notable and important format. This split, between two very exciting bands from across the pond, Wojzchech and Krupsakaya both speak to the power of the music here. Both bands, with the short time allotted to them do their best to unveil some incredibly sickening and wonderfully twisted tunes, going straight for the throat with demented licks that can't help but to mesmerize and charm the listener.

There is a stunning power to what's being done here. Both bands eschew conventional grindcore formats and are comfortable slipping into something a little bit more experimental. There is a magic that brings the groups together, because despite their genre breaking tendencies they still are capable of letting loose with the sort of crippling riffs that will break teeth. Wojzchec's portion of the proceedings is just as vile as they have always been, but they have definitely taken a serious step from previous releases. Meanwhile, Krupsakaya are intensity incarnate, pummeling the listener and forcing us to suffer on their madness.

I've always loved the split format because it can be so addictive. It's tempting to just listen to one side again and again, just as much as it is to keep flipping back ad forth like some sort of demented ping pong ball. There is a devastating sense of anger throughout this release that is fascinating. Wojzchech use their classic pedigree to set up an intimidating challenge and then Krupsakaya come through with something harsh as a a raw nerve, devastatingly too the point and unrelentingly fucking evil. Come on in, the blood is fine.

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