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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Ne Obliviscaris - Urn

Ne Obliviscaris are back baby. The forward thinking prog masters have always crafted some pretty goddamn unique pieces and this latest offering, Urn is without a doubt their strongest yet. An album that pushes the boundaries in every was possible and which sees the band bringing in some of their hookiest and most epic songwriting to date it's hard not to be totally obsessed with the majesty of what these guys have unleashed. Ne Obliviscaris are the sort of band to refuse to stay comfortable and constantly are pushing themselves, and this is their greatest statement yet.

There is something inherently fascinating about how Ne Obliviscaris drive forward on Urn. The mesh of cleans and growls, the way the arrangements come together and the blend of extreme metal with far more traditional approaches has never been more elegant. Ne Obliviscaris have the selfsame insanity that has made the genre so addictive for me for so long, but they also tap into a certain bloodthirsty beauty that few of us can ever dream of conjuring up. Similar in vein to bands like The Night Watch these guys have pulsated, evolved and transcended into something that's impossible to grasp until you've invested the time and energy to truly fall in love.

Yet despite the density of the music Ne Obliviscaris remains something that can charm right away. Even as I jammed this on a relatively early spin I found myself falling into some of the infectious grooves and connecting with the powerful melodies right off the bat. These guys have taken their songwriting to a brave new world and it's very hard to detach yourself from the transcendent chorus that has come to define the mastery and grandiose vision of this generations greatest progressive band.

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