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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Gnaw - Cutting Pieces

Well this is hands down the most intense and intimidating avant garde metal record of the year. From the abnormal blasts of noise that define the opening track it becomes immediately obvious that the vision behind this band is more twisted than ever before. There is something truly demented happening behind the scenes with Cutting Pieces and it rapidly becomes impossible to extract yourself from the bizarre madness that has come to define this band. Gnaw are an intense listen and this is their most maddening release yet. 

There is something deeply unsettling about this record that in turn makes it very addictive. This record is disturbing in the same sense that Lovecraft's stories are disturbing. Sure there might be an initial visceral shock but its really the cumulative effect that serves to make it so deeply concerning and illuminating. It's the twisted burning wreckage that mesmerizes with Gnaw, the sense that this is all going to fall apart and that we can't do anything about it. The true terror is not that the madness is happening but that it's already happened. Cutting Pieces is the sound of a fucked up world from which there is no escape. 

Cutting Pieces is an album that makes an impression right off the bat. It's an album that can't help but to stun and which will drive us forward time and time again. Gnaw have always been one of the most impressive and truly depraved bands on the scene, but this record feels like the next step in the direction the band has always hinted at. This is the twisted world ending witchery that avant garde freaks like me have longed for for years now. Gnaw is insanity, and insanity is Gnaw, there's simply no other way around it. 

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