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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Bind Torture Kill - Viscères

The world of chaotic hardcore is losing one of its shining stars at the end of this year with the planned breakup of Dillinger Escape Plan looming over all of us like the inevitable execution of an old friend. Fortunately there is no end of bands trying to pick up the mantle ranging from God mother to Plaque Marks to of course Bind Torture Kill, one of the most interesting post hardcore bands to come out of France in a good long while. With truly powerful songwriting and a visionary approach to songwriting this is something you can really sink your teeth into. 

Starting off with the ominous intro of Fléau before diving into one of the most intense and pummeling records in the genre that I have heard in a minute it's clear that Bind Torture Kill did their homework writing Viscères. Elements of Trap Them and even Converge bleed into an attack that can't help but to fascinate the listener. The driving force of these tracks is undeniable and there is something strangely addictive about them, the fact that only a couple of them bleed over the five minute mark is a huge selling point too - this is intelligent post hardcore driven by an ADD generation. 

Bind Torture Kill is a monster of a band who just dropped an utter teeth gnasher of a record. The madness and mathiness that defines this album is precisely calculated and it's clear from top to bottom that Bind Torture Kill have the forward thinking vision that it takes to really drive things to the next level. I'm curious to see how these Frenchmen develop as they continue to refine their sound and find new ways to tear throats out across the globe. Fascinating, rapidly evolving and worth many a spin, Bind Torture Kill have started something monumental. 

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