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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Druid Lord - Grotesque Offerings

Druid Lord are a helluva band, after an eight year wait since their last full length and five years since their last EP the group is preparing to unleash their most punishing offering to date and one that shows how incredibly well the band has matured and what they have come to mean to so many of their adoring underground fans in the past few years. There is a demented magic to this band and Grotesque Offerings is the gnarly, Acid Witch-esque masterpiece that us die hards always expected the band to unleash.

What really gets me with Grotesque Offerings is the twisted sense of forward motion that has come to define it. This is a record that ebbs and flows to be sure but throughout all of it there is this sort of strangemenacing crunch that just seems to continue propagating throughout, as you feel yourself continuing the descent into madness it becomes ever more clear exactly how sick and twisted Druid Lord have become. The death doom ministrations of these Hells Headbangers signees only continue to twist and turn, becoming increasingly vile but also fascinating the listener with the sheer sense of depravity that has come to define them and all that the band has always stood for. It's borderline impossible to escape.

It makes sense that this sort of vaguely cinematic brand of death doom would come from not only the same place as Disney, but also the same place Chuck Schuldiner grew up. When it comes down to it just as much as their are moments of wonderful bombast on Grotesque Offerings (The cry of "You'll never leave here alive" on the lead track is a perfect example of this) they also are unafraid to dip into the old school death metal glory that made this band so goddamn appealing to so many of us in the first place. Come on in, the sewage is fine.

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  1. Love these guys to death! The long wait is finally over for Druid Lord fans. All I can say is, I am looking forward to the descent into the madness of Grotesque Offerings.