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Monday, November 20, 2017

Bunkur/Mordor - Split

Man - this is one of the weirdest splits I've heard in a long time for so many reasons. First off of course it's always fascinating to listen to two of the worlds most longstanding extreme bands to come out with a split together, even stranger still when each side of the split is a cover. Toss in the fact that both tracks are intensely elongated versions of the originals with all sorts of reinterpretations and ideas thrown into the mix and you find yourself digging into something that is as fascinating as is it is demented.

There is an intensity to this record that I think few splits coming out these days reflect. It comes from both the passion of building on past achievements and walking where giants once stood. It also comes from the sheer dorkery and insanity of these reimaginings. Bunkur pretty much double the length of the original in their cover of Carnivore's "The Subhuman" and give it all sorts of twisted lamentations. Meanwhile Mordor turn Venom's "In League With Satan" from a punchy fucked up rocker to a tortured doom metal epic that will make you question your sanity, even going so far as to redub it "In League With Wotan".

This is a record that can feel like a slog to get through but also a record that rewards those who spend the time. Intentionally alienating and wonderfully dense it's a pleasure to really sit down and try to sink your teeth into what Bunkur and Mordor have unleashed here. This is a release for die hard fans who are going to really spend time with this record. For me this is a dream come true, a twisted masterpiece that seems to just keep getting better - take it as a challenge and see if you can ride this one out - it's a hell of a trip.

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