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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Magick Touch - Blades, Chains, Whips And Fire

Regular readers know that I've always loved wild ass rock and roll and these Bergen based heavy metal maniacs only serve to add to that love. this power trio deliver uncompromising and very fun hard rock, roaring out of the speakers with a wonderful sense of swagger and the understanding that no matter what you do they simply don't give a fuck. they will beat your face in and remind you time and time again why you got involved in this music in the first place. With top notch concepts, powerful choruses and great execution this is an addictive listen.

There is a certain sublime poetry to the songwriting here. the bluesy solos are warm and well delivered. The riffs have a rip roaring majesty that serves to make them strangely wholesome. But it's the choruses where the real money is. Multi layered, often shouted and gloriously fucking organic Blades, Chains, Whips and Fire is the sort of album that you are always going to want to sing along too. It's an album that comes at you a little bit over the top to be sure, but that's a key part of the appeal. You're not just listening to a band, you're sinking your teeth into something potent and beautiful.

I think there is something that will always appeal about a rock and roll record that appreciates the sheer simplicity and fun of the genre, that drives forward not because the band is trying to emulate old heroes but simply because it has to be this way, there is no other path forward. That's how I feel about Blades, Chains, Whips and Fire, it's a record that remains vibrant because it is organic and by being organic it reminds us time and time again what makes a rock and roll record such a valuable piece of art in the first place.

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