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Monday, November 27, 2017

Nocturnal Graves - Satan's Cross

Season of Mist's Underground Activists sublabel is incredibly fascinating to me and chock to the brim with all sorts of badass little goodies for nerds like me to pick apart. Of special interest is their latest reissue, shining new light on Nocturnal Graves classic Satan's Cross, the kind of blistering black metal that defined the mid-Aughties this album, augmented with the addition of their demo tape of the same title. This is the sort of hard hitting and devilish black metal you can't help but to sink your teeth into.

I think what drew me to Nocturnal Graves all those years ago was the sheer breakneck devastation. The twisted vocals flying out of the speakers reflected upon a time when black metal was just as influenced by Slayer as it was Venom. This record is perhaps their thrashiest and also the one that I have always been most likely to put on. It's the album that seems to understand the devilish beauty of the old school thrash scene and imbues it with a deep sense of evil that most can't really wrap their heads around. Satan's Cross is a tortured nightmare of an album and one that has been beating fans across the ring for a decade now.

The twisted madness of a song like Rotten Cremation is absolutely thrilling and is a perfect encapsulating example of what makes Satan's Cross so great. This album is simply chock full of riffs and can't help but to fascinate time and time again with its bloodthirsty joy. You careen forward with Nocturnal Graves and watch it unfold before you and it makes for an album full of blasphemous majesty. The sort of record that can't help but to invoke your inner fifteen year old, this is what black metal has always been about.

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